About Flux

Hi! My name is Sam. I’m a life long mover and I’ve spent a lot of time being injured. Not to say I’ve willingly made myself a guinea pig for my chosen profession, but that is how it turned out.

I am a certified Athletic Trainer, CrossFit Coach, and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. In school, I was taught a specific approach and attitude toward injury, specifically athletic injuries. Most of it was geared toward pain management, modalities, and “How can we get you back on the field as fast as possible”. Brace it up and get out there. This of course wasn’t ALL I learned, but this method of “taping it up” and treating the pain is only a temporary fix…


In my own personal experience and through practice I’ve learned that a lot of the injuries and pain we experience are the result of how we move through life.  I’ve also learned that “tape it up and go” isn’t effective to continuing on to be active for the rest of your life. There’s ALWAYS a reason for pain or restrictions in our movement capabilities. I believe that finding those reasons and addressing them go much farther in allowing you to do the things you love, pain-free, for a long time. It’s about putting in the work.

Flux is about moving well.flux

I want you to learn a new perspective on how your body is functioning so that you can have tools to move as best as you can. In this modern “convenience” culture, our muscles, bones, and joints are struggling at the cellular level to stay healthy. I want to help give you an alternative approach to healing and preventing injury by restoring your natural range of motion and control of movement.

At Flux we’ll evaluate what’s going on with your movement and use corrective strategies to help fix the problem with why your having pain or not moving as well as you could.

Who we can work with:

Anyone, with a body, who moves.


Is Flux a Good Fit For You?


Sam’s Qualifications:  Bachelor of Science in  Biomedical/Exercise Science, Master of Science in Athletic Training, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), NH, MA, and WA State Licensed and Board Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), CrossFit Level-1 Trainer, Functional Movement Screen (FMSC), CrossFit Mobility Certification, CPR/AED/First Aid

Specializing in: Low Back pain, SI Joint Dysfunction, breathing restoration, functional movement screening, corrective & therapeutic exercise